About Us

When it comes to football, there’s one question that trumps all others:
"What’s the score?"

Not knowing what’s happening on the pitch is unbearable. In fact, it’s torture. Being Footie extremists ourselves, we understand like no other that you need to know the score instantly. At all times. At all costs (don’t worry, ScoresSorted.com is completely free). Of every single game that matters.

"But aren’t you guys just another live score app?"

Fair question. At face value, I guess you could say we are. But then again; it’s a bit like saying “but isn’t that just another football team?” Some teams have a better sounding name. With better looking kits. They Please the crowd with slick performances. And show the potential to become even better.

We're such a team. Confident to become your favourite team in the world of live scores. Name? Sorted. Design? Sorted. Friendly user-interface? Sorted.
Potential? We’d like to call that our promise. To create an even better, more personalized user experience. To provide you with even more match data to talk about with your friends. To make simple live statistics actually come to life. To surprise you with great football prizes.

To name a few.

For now we kick-off by simply giving you exactly what you need.
All the Scores. Sorted.